Three benefits of reading books on holidays

Not only do books help us to take part in the social and cultural process of countless generations, but reading is also a source of benefits for the mind, and books will be your ideal holiday companions:

1.Stress reduction

When we go on holidays, one of our main objectives is disconnecting from the world. We escape for a while from routine and stress, to recharge batteries and release tension. If you want to revitalize yourself to the fullest, we advise you to gather a collection of books to accompany you on your holiday break.

Books are windows to new worlds, people and stories that remove our attention from the things that trouble us. This causes relaxation and a decrease in the levels of cortisol, a hormone released by the body as an answer to stress, and helps avoiding its negative effects on our health.

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2.Reading helps to get to sleep

There’s nothing better to forget the daily troubles and relax than a restful sleep. Reading, thanks to the relaxation it provides, is an ideal activity to do before going to sleep. Experts recommend reading for at least half an hour every night, since this makes our brain release tension, makes muscles relax, and helps us fall into a deep sleep.

So, during your holidays, make yourself comfortable every night before going to sleep and immerse yourself into a novel. A very healthy habit that will help you come back from your holiday break with great doses of rest and energy.

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3.Mind and memory stimulation

When we immerse ourselves in a story with different plots, characters, dialogues and details, we exercise our mind, as we follow different storylines every day. This stimulates our neuronal capacities, which in turn favours our memory and cognitive abilities. Reading is a great mental exercise which improves concentration, strengthens neuronal connections, reasoning and imagination.

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During your next holidays do not forget to let reading be your travelling companion, since not only is it wonderful for relaxation and rest, but it will also be the ideal stimulation for you to come back to work at full capacity.