What makes a hotel restaurant the best hotel restaurant?
What makes a hotel restaurant the best hotel restaurant?

Holidays are a search for relax, pleasure, anoccasion to indulge and to dedicate time to ourselves, without any worriesor stress. Those who choose Lanzarote as a holiday destination enjoy avolcano and sea paradise, with beaches, nature and, of course,an exquisite gastronomy. There are places in the island where all the efforts aremade to turn holidays into something special and unforgettable, as the Isla de Lobos Restaurant, at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort, where a unique gastronomy experience isoffered, to the extent that it has recently been awarded for its excellence andfor different features that have turned this restaurant into the best hotelrestaurant in the Canary Islands.

How isthis achieved? The secret of the guarantee of this restaurant’s success is thecare and dedication put in every service and the attention paid todetails, something that only a strong and experienced working team can manage, notonly in the dining room but also in the kitchen, managed by the best experts.

Located in a unique setting in Playa Blanca, and with a breath-taking view ofthe sea and the islands of Lobos and Fuerteventura, the Isla de Lobos Restaurant provides, as well, an incomparable setting to enjoy a delicious breakfast a lacarte at its spectacular terrace, or an exquisite gourmet dinner.

In its attention to details, the restaurant makes the mostof this beautiful surrounding, offering a complete staging where even thetableware plays an important role. Since the beginning of 2017, the restauranthas been using a very special dinnerware set, work by the artist GonzaloMartín, renowned for having designed tablewares for the most prestigiousrestaurants. It is him who has created the unique pieces that make up thiscrockery set, inspired by the volcanic and sea essence of Lanzarote, capturing thedelicious flavours of the island to reach a full culinary experience.

The most important and defining feature of the Islade Lobos Restaurant is, of course, its gastronomic offer inspired on the islandtradition with some avant-garde hints, which delights its guests with a top level cuisine. Its top quality is achieved through the use of local productsfrom the best and most genuine raw ingredients, coming mostly from the Finca deUga, and also from local farmers and fishermen. The concern and respect towardsthe environment links the restaurant to the island, in a bond that can be felteverywhere.

The unique culinary proposals of its avant-garde cuisineare the result of a constant wish for improvement, where research and theapplication of new trends and techniques are the focus, achieving innovation inthe traditional cuisine of the Canary Islands in order to offer new approachesand textures without losing its essence. It is in this context that continuouslearning and research are of vital importance, and the Isla de Lobos restaurant isequipped with its own gastronomy R&D department, where new dishes are createdand flavours, textures and endless cuisine innovation options are studied. Allthese advances are shared with both residents and visitors to the island atspecial events and gastronomy days, where distinguished and renowned invitedchefs, some of them Michelin stars, take part.

In its wish to make a difference and offer uniqueexperiences to its guests, the Isla de Lobos Restaurant offers gastronomyexperiences that go beyond enjoying food, such as Kilometre Zero, where guests,besides enjoying an exquisite tasting menu elaborated with seasonal products,can visit Finca de Uga and check by themselves that the farming products whichare offered at the restaurant are preceded by a strict and careful processwhich guarantees the highest gastronomic quality standards. In addition, guestscan take part in the selection and collection of some of the products they willtaste for dinner. This experience results in a very special way of practising acuisine of proximity, a fact that also contributes to the protection of thelocal production and environment.

If we add to all these facts a wine cellar with more than180 different types of wines, among which we can find the best internationalwines, the most precious Canary Island wines and more than 60 D.O. wines fromSpain, along with the deep knowledge of our expert sommelier Victor Gudiño, theresult can’t be another but one of the best gastronomy experiences one canlive, not only in Lanzarote but in the Canary Islands.

The hard work to keep improving and serving asinspiration, through the continuous attention to detail and the big investmentmade on R&D, are the facts that distinguish a restaurant from the bestrestaurant, and the reasons that have made restaurant Isla de Lobos worth thetitle ‘Best Hotel Restaurant in the Canary Islands’, achieved at the IV Editionof Mahou Awards – La Provincia – La Opinión de Tenerife, where quality andinnovation of restaurants in the Canary Islands are acknowledged.